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At Your Service Lock & Door your Oakville Locksmith & Security Specialist.

A robbery or invasion is not something that only happens to other people; don't live in that bubble, it can happen to anyone at anytime. As a Locksmith we've witnessed the financial and emotional distress that follows when we are called in after the fact.
Over the years At Your Service Lock & Door Oakville Locksmith has grown and changed with the Locksmith industry to keep up with our clients ever changing needs. We offer Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and the surrounding areas comprehensive service that can meet all your Locksmith security needs.
By working with the industry leaders, At Your Service Lock & Door Oakville Locksmith is able to offer more than just impeccable service. These partnerships help us bring only the best products into your home or business.
At Your Service, Mobile Locksmith services include: lock re-keying, lock repairs, changing locks and new lock installation, we are here to safeguard your home or business. At Your Service Lock & Door Oakville Locksmith can help you secure your home today.
Quality service and products has kept our company in Oakville successful, because At Your Service Lock & Door gives the kind of Locksmith service that generates repeat business from satisfied customers. Make security in your home or business a priority, we are part of the Oakville community and we're invested in your safety and satisfaction. Please call At Your Service Lock & Door your Oakville Locksmith today at 289-439-6888.

Oakville Locksmith .ca

At Your Service Lock & Door, your Professional Oakville Locksmith provides solutions to safeguard your home or business

Oakville Locksmith .ca - Provides heavy-duty residential and commercial grade locksets that are not available to the public in retail stores. We can provide Commercial Quality Locks for your home.
Oakville Locksmith .ca - We can have the strongest Deadbolt Locks made installed on your doors.
Oakville Locksmith .ca - Provides a complete line of High Security locks, Standard Security and Decorative locksets in a wide range of finishes, including the latest Digital Combination Entry Locks.
Oakville Locksmith .ca - Will Install, replace, or upgrade Deadbolt Locks, Cylinder Locks, Locksets, Panic Bars and Exit Systems.
Oakville Locksmith .ca - Can Rekey existing Locks rendering the original keys useless as they will no longer work, only your new set of keys will open the door.
Oakville Locksmith .ca - Provides Master Keying; Reduce the number of keys you need to one. We can have a single Lock or all the Locks in your home or business operate from one single key.
Oakville Locksmith .ca - Specializes in providing on-site Locksmith service to private residences, owners of apartment properties, office/commercial properties, new construction sites and property management companies.
Oakville Locksmith .ca - provides service for Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton & Milton.
Oakville Locksmith .ca is your direct line to At Your Service Lock & Door, Oakville's trusted name in home & business security solutions. If you need advice on a security matter, contact us directly at 289-439-6888

Locksmith Oakville

Rekey a Lock - Understanding What That Means and When It Should Be Done by At Your Service Lock & Door your Locksmith in Oakville.

At Your Service Lock & Door your Locksmith in Oakville Explains How and When you should Rekey a lock?

To Rekey a lock your Oakville Locksmith removes the lock from the door and repins the lock to fit a new and different key. When you Rekey a lock all previous keys will no longer unlock your door. This means the existing locks on your home do not need to be replaced, instead At Your Service Lock & Door can rekey the lock without the unnecessary cost of replacing the hardware.

Call At Your Service Locksmith Oakville to Rekey a Lock When;

1. You have just bought a newly built home. Many duplicates could have been made for people working on the house.
2. You are moving into a home that was previously occupied. Who knows how many people have a copy of the key.
3. In the event of lost or stolen keys.
4. When an employee or contractor does not return their keys.
5. You need to limit access only to people who are supposed to have it.
6. Any circumstance that you lose control of your keys.

When At Your Service Locksmith Oakville rekeys a lock, it ensures that your old key can no longer be used to gain access to your home.

Our rekey lock service works for both new and existing locks, in that At Your Service Lock & Door, can reset a new lock to adapt to existing keys or we can change an old lock to use new keys. This is especially useful when you want your home or business Master Keyed (read more about Master Keying below).

At Your Service Lock & Door your Oakville Locksmith always recommends our 'Rekey a lock' service when you already have a high quality lock on your door.

Call us today, At Your Service Locksmith Oakville at 289-439-6888.

Your Home Security Is Our Concern

Be proactive with your home security rather than reactive.

The times we live in have changed when we look at home security; it wasn't that long ago that we didn't need to lock our doors when we went out or slept at night. We wouldn't consider doing that now. People who have had their homes broken into report feelings of fear, vulnerability and an overwhelming feeling of being violated.

Preventing this is reason enough to look at your home security, add to that the cost of repairs to your doors, locks and replacing possessions that were taken.

As almost anything in our lives the cost of being proactive rather than reactive is by far less costly, and your home security is no exception, although here there is so much more at stake. When it comes to your family's safety, being proactive with home security is not only cheaper it will give you peace of mind.

As an Oakville locksmith I have been on both sides of this service call. It is far more rewarding to meet you when we are working proactively to improve your home security, rather than receiving a call after a break in by a family that has been victimized.

The locks on your home are your first line of defence, At Your Service Lock & Door, is Oakville's trusted name in home security solutions. Call us, we'll be happy to answer all of your questions and suggest the home security solutions that are right for you. You can have confidence in that we use only tested high quality home security locks with proven reliability from the top manufacturers.

Commercial Locksmith Oakville

Is your business as secure as you'd like it to be?

With our extensive knowledge in Commercial Locksmith products and expertise in installation, we can competently handle your security needs.

Is your business as secure as you'd like it to be?

Whether you are installing new Commercial grade hardware or repairing what you already have, we can provide you with advice on what would be the best fit for your needs (making sure that you comply with any legal requirements) as well as the best possible safety and security for your business.

We offer a range of commercial locksmith services including:

High security and restricted key systems (supply & install)
Master key systems (set up & install)
Rekey Commercial locks
Digital Combination Entry Locks
Commercial Locksmith Grade Deadbolt (supply & install)
Keys made
Door Closer (replacement & installation)
Panic hardware
Commercial Locksmith Grade locksets and handles (supply & install)
Service, service, and more service!

The essential ingredient in our Commercial Locksmith and security business is customer service, taking care of what you need when you need it. Simply put, exceeding your service expectations. Whatever your Commercial Lock needs, our experience and commitment to our clients has enabled us to achieve this.

It's our business to provide Commercial Locksmith solutions, that fit your individual needs and we do it with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service. Call us today at 289-439-6888.

Residential Locksmith Services in Oakville, Ontario

Residential Locksmith Services and Lock Issues that At Your Service Lock & Door Can Help You Resolve

Lock Issues: Have you asked yourself if you're doing enough to ensure the security of your home? You gave it some thought and then you got busy with other things and it was put aside for another time?

Consider calling At Your Service Lock & Door and take advantage of our Residential Locksmith Consultation service.
We will be happy walk through what you currently have in place, discuss what you have that's working and options that will address any of your security concerns. We can even point out issues that you may have overlooked.

At Your Service Lock & Door, uses top quality brand name locks and hardware, not the local hardware store quality. Our Residential Locksmith, locks and hardware are constructed and installed to last and keep your home secure!

We take our Residential Locksmith services very seriously because our clients safety and security literally depends on it. Our clients can have confidence that their Residential lock is of the highest quality because we know it's important to feel safe in your home.

At Your Service Lock & Door Residential Locksmith Services Include:

Lock Repair
New Residential Locksmith Grade Lock
Decorative Lock
High Security Lock
Peep Holes Installed
Lock Rekey
Master Lock Rekey
Garage Door Lock
Deadbolt Lock
Door knobs & Lever Sets
Keyless Entry Lock
Patio Lock & Security Bars
Door Grip Sets

We install and service the products we sell. Our goal as At Your Service Lock & Door is to provide such quality service that you will always want to call us back for any future Residential Locksmith needs to be taken care of.

Your Key, and the lock it opens on your home is your first line of defence

Rekeying your locks assures you no one else has a key to your home

Are you certain you have the only existing copies of your key?

The locks on your home are your first line of defence. Let me share with you the things we are privy to when you're in the residential locksmith business and then I'll ask you that question again.

1) The prior homeowner gave a neighbour a key to water the plants or feed the cat while they were away and then left the key with them as a spare key just in case they ever got locked out.

2) Copies of a key are made all the time for friends, relatives, babysitters, nannies, home care providers, dog walkers, and even the cleaning service.

3) Soon that key is out there in multiples most of which are never collected or returned. Every copy of that key still out there opens the front door to your home.

Maybe you have just bought a new home?

4) Did you know, most builders master key or construction key one of the locks on each house, so they have one key to open all the houses that they are working on, making it easier for every trade to come in and do their work.

So I ask you again, are you certain you have the only existing copies of your key?

Don't put your safety at risk or trust your property to the previous owner's or builders discretion. The locks that you count on daily were compromised every time a key was given to someone else who then could have also made copies the key.

There is no need to replace quality hardware. Rekeying your locks assures you no one else has a key to your home and it can remove master keying, construction keys from working.

Door Locks with the Master Key System

Do your security requirements for door locks include a Master Key system?

We install master key systems for door locks in both residential and commercial settings. When door locks have been set, or reset for a master key, this system permits multiple locks and combinations with one master key to access all locks.

Master Key in Commercial Settings;
Typical commercial settings that utilize the master key system on their door locks include; home builders, businesses, offices, apartment buildings, condominiums & schools. The commercial master key system is based on multiple and different access levels and can be set up to fit the security requirement for the door locks in each individual business.

For example, an office with two separate floors each with individual offices and individual door locks. The owner of the building would have the Master Key that opens every office including door locks and deadbolts, while the tenants keys will only open their particular office door locks.

Master Key for Residential Use;
It's not necessary to carry around a huge key ring, alternatively you can have two or all the door locks in your home or apartment work from the same key. For example, the door locks on your homes front and back door can be set with the master key system, negating the need for two separate keys.

At Your Service Lock & Door welcomes you to sit down and discus the security needs for your commercial or residential door locks.

Top Tips for Security - Don't be an easy Target!

At Your Service Lock & Door your Oakville Locksmith and Lock & Security Specialist for Oakville Ontario

Take a look at your home or business and compare how it measures up with our Tips for Security.

1. Do all your entrance doors have a solid core? Hollow doors are easily kicked in.
2. Locks on the inside of the door should be at least 40 inches from glass?
3. You should have throw deadbolt locks?
4. Do all your exterior doors have peep-holes?
5. Did you have your locks rekeyed after you moved in?
6. To prevent doors from being kicked in, do you have reinforced strikes and hinge pins secured to the frame of your exterior doors?
7. Are all your windows secure?
8. Make sure the outside is well lit, so prowlers are visible and have nowhere to hide.

Our Top Tips for Security When You Are Away.

1. Ask a trusted neighbour to pick up your mail and newspapers.
2. Keep your home lit, use automatic timers to turn on lights and radios.
3. Ask a trusted neighbour to park one of their cars in your driveway at night.
4. Don't share your vacation plans with anyone who isn't on your need to know list. Including Facebook. Share the memories once you are safely home.
5. Don't leave any valuables in obvious places.
6. Ask a trusted neighbour to put some of their garbage in front of your house on collection day.

Our Tips for Security are to help keep your home safe, from unwanted guests. So besides planning your trip, plan to keep your home safe by using our Top Tips for Security!

For more of our Top Tips for Security and helpful advice call At Your Service Lock & Door at 289-439-6888 we would be happy to consult with you.



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